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Custom Orthotics for Ski Boots

Updated January 2024 Ski Magazine rated Foot Dynamics as one of the 10 best ski boot fitters in the country. We specialize in custom footbeds, ski boot sole grinding, stance alignment assessment and ski boot modifications. Foot Dynamics is a Comfort Shoe Store with a modern, highly innovative orthotics lab located in Boise, Idaho. It provides

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2023 October Refurbish Orthotics Special

October Refurbish Orthotics Special $99 $79 Expiration date: October 31st Foot Dynamics recommends refurbishing your orthotics every 1- 3 years depending on use and activity to retain their original therapeutic value. Regular price of refurbishing is $99 plus shipping (if needed). OCTOBER SPECIAL: Save 20% on refurbishing any orthotics to like-new condition for $79 plus shipping (if needed). How popular

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Is plantar fasciitis causing your heel pain?

The most common symptom of plantar fasciitis is a micro-tear or inflammation of the plantar fascia at the base of the heel bone. We commonly see plantar fasciitis from extreme tightness in the Achilles/calf muscles, a biomechanical issue (extreme flat feet or high arches), or as the result of an overuse injury. We’ve successfully treated plantar

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Flat Feet Arch Support

What Causes Flat Feet? Flat feet can be an issue for many people through their lives. It’s a painful foot condition that’s also called “fallen arches”. But how is it caused? The arch on a person’s foot is created by the ligaments and tendons between foot bones to better support a person’s weight when they

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New Covid-19 Updates

The COVID restrictions in Ada County is over! We greatly thank our customers for supporting us over the past three years and still coming to the store to buy shoes and getting insoles. That’s what we’re here for. That’s what we’ve always been here for: to help you feel better in your shoes. Feel more

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