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Custom Orthotics for Ski Boots

Do you suffer foot pain while skiing? Many people suffer foot pain while skiing and simply accept it as a burden of enjoying a sport they love. This is often caused by ski boots that don’t fit properly. Beyond pain, boots that don’t support the feet appropriately can cause a loss in performance on the […]

Custom Orthotics for Runners: Your New Best Friend

Runners: No Pain, No Gain? Not Necessarily. Running is a great way to stay healthy and get in shape. You can do it almost anywhere, anytime. Many runners cite the endorphin high they get after a run as a major motivator for lacing up and heading out. However, sore feet during and after a run […]

Custom Orthotics for Cyclists

Do you have a foot problem during a long bike ride? Are your feet killing you while cycling? Numb toes or burning feet are not fun! It is easy to underestimate the amount of stress put on your feet while pedaling. In addition to having properly fitting equipment and good body alignment, having the appropriate […]

Alpine Skiing

Who Needs Custom Ski Orthotics/Footbeds Q: Who needs custom footbeds/ski orthotics in their boots? A: Everyone. During the midstance phase of walking (when the foot is in total contact with the ground) the foot is in a mobile adaptive or flexible condition. It is supposed to “pronate” to reduce shock to the leg, knee, and […]

USASJ Position Statement: Footwear

ADDENDUM ANDREW L. CHEN, MD, MS Rationale There is a high incidence of ankle and knee injuries that can be attributed to inappropriate footwear among the top, internationally competitive athletes of USASJ, and this has been associated with loss of time in training and competition.  Importantly, this has also resulted in a loss of performance […]

Who Needs Custom Ski Orthotics / Footbeds

Q: Who needs custom footbeds / ski orthotics in their boots?A: Everyone. During the mid stance phase of walking (when the foot is in total contact with the ground) the foot is in a mobile adaptive or flexible condition. It is supposed to “pronate” to reduce shock to the leg, knee and back. This is the position […]

Spring Skiing: Aching Arches Shadowing Your Fun in the Sun?

Foot pain or knee pain hold you back from skiing? Hitting the slopes on a sunny spring day is a favorite for many skiers—who enjoy warmer temperatures and a little sunshine while zipping down slopes. Foot pain, however, can quickly put a damper on your spring skiing fun. Ill-fitting boots are most often the cause […]

Are you cyclists suffer from metatarsalgia?

Hot Foot? Douse the Flames for Good! Many cyclists suffer from metatarsalgia or “hot foot” — a burning pain in the ball of the foot that can radiate toward the toes. Severe cases can feel like someone is actually holding a blowtorch to the ball of your foot. Hot foot occurs most often on long […]

Swix C.E.O. gets importance of Nordic ski orthotics

My flight from Minnesota to Boise after the American Birkibeiner race was canceled. While stuck in a hotel overnight, I ran into Steve Poulin, the CEO of Swix Sports. Steve told me that the importance of a flat ski for glide cannot be overstated. He thinks the Nordic ski community needs to look much more […]

Why Do My Toes Go Numb While Cycling?

Numbness in the toes is caused by a pinching of the nerves as they pass through the inter space between the metatarsal joints. This can be caused by a collapsing of the transverse arch as load is put on the forefoot during the pedal stroke and can be exacerbated by shoes that are too narrow. […]

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