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Custom Orthotics for Ski Boots

Updated January 2024 Ski Magazine rated Foot Dynamics as one of the 10 best ski boot fitters in the country. We specialize in custom footbeds, ski boot sole grinding, stance alignment assessment and ski boot modifications. Foot Dynamics is a Comfort Shoe Store with a modern, highly innovative orthotics lab located in Boise, Idaho. It provides

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Person biking on a bike trail

Custom Orthotics for Cyclists

Do you need insole or orhtotics for cycling shoes? Are your feet killing you while cycling? Numb toes or burning feet are not fun! It is easy to underestimate the amount of stress put on your feet while pedaling. In addition to having properly fitting equipment and good body alignment, having the appropriate support for

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Man Wearing Nordic Ski Shoes with Custom Orthotics

Alpine Skiing

Who Needs Custom Ski Orthotics/Footbeds Q: Who needs custom footbeds/ski orthotics in their boots? A: Everyone. During the midstance phase of walking (when the foot is in total contact with the ground) the foot is in a mobile adaptive or flexible condition. It is supposed to “pronate” to reduce shock to the leg, knee, and

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