Custom Orthotics for Ski Boots

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Updated January 2024

Ski Magazine rated Foot Dynamics as one of the 10 best ski boot fitters in the country.

We specialize in custom footbeds, ski boot sole grinding, stance alignment assessment and ski boot modifications. Foot Dynamics is a Comfort Shoe Store with a modern, highly innovative orthotics lab located in Boise, Idaho. It provides orthotic fabrication services for medical professionals and consumers worldwide. We also have a certified Maser Ski Boot Fitter on site. Meet Foot Dynamics Master Ski Boot Fitter.

Do you suffer foot pain while skiing?

Many people suffer foot pain while skiing and simply accept it as a burden of enjoying a sport they love. This is often caused by ski boots that don’t fit properly. Beyond pain, boots that don’t support the feet appropriately can cause a loss in performance on the hill. Sliding down the side of a mountain with control and smooth turns can be difficult when you are favoring tender toes or an aching arch.

My boots seem to fit, so why do my feet hurt?

When you are walking, your foot is flexible and naturally adapts position to reduce shock to the leg, knee and back. The foot is in the same position when it is buckled inside the hard shell of a ski boot — which can cause foot pain and loss of turning efficiency.

In a ski turn, the foot must bear a load up to three times your body weight. Boot fit problems and foot pain can occur as the foot is forced to flatten — causing the pressure of the foot against the boot shell.  Because the foot is flexible, the muscles and tendons of the foot are “fighting back” to resist the flattening of the arch, causing aching in the arch and mid-foot. The obvious cure for this foot pain is to provide more support for the foot inside the boot.

What is the benefit of Custom Ski Orthotics?

  • Improved Comfort: Skiing can put a lot of pressure on the feet, and poorly fitting ski boots can lead to discomfort and pain. Ski orthotics help distribute pressure more evenly, reducing discomfort and enhancing overall comfort.
  • Enhanced Performance: Proper alignment of the feet can contribute to better ski control and improved performance on the slopes. Ski orthotics provide support and stability, helping skiers maintain better balance and control while navigating various terrains.
  • Injury Prevention: Proper foot alignment can contribute to the prevention of injuries. Ski orthotics can help address issues such as pronation or supination, reducing the risk of strain on ligaments and muscles.


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