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About Us: Kevin Chapman, Owner

Kevin Chapman, Owner

Kevin Chapman joined Foot Dynamics in 2013 and is now its co-owner. He also co-owns Advanced Casting Technology, Foot Dynamic’s orthotics clinic.

Before Foot Dynamics, he practiced pediatrics in southern California’s professional Ballroom Dance world. He also worked with Under Armor on making a specific design for cleated footwear and one of the largest over-the-counter arch support brands in developing different models. With Foot Dynamics, Kevin has built many relationships with local and distant “foot-related” practitioners, like podiatrists, orthopedists, athletic trainers, physical therapists, and chiropractors. This helps Foot Dynamics meld the experiences from different fields into one store.   


Jeff Radke, CPed

Jeff Radke, CPed

Jeff Radke joined Foot Dynamics in 2018. He has been an ABC Certified Pedorthist for 30 years. He’s trained at the Advanced Pedorithic Course NYU Orthotic and Prosthetic Department. His experience includes:

  • Heading the orthopedic department for Birkenstock USA in Novato, CA;
  • Fabricating foot orthoses and footwear at the Prosthetic Lab of Rochester, MN;
  • Serving as a primary referral source of foot orthotic treatment for several departments at the Mayo Clinic.

Janice Farren, S.R.Ch Podiatrist UK

Janice Farren, S.R.Ch Podiatrist UK

Janice Farren graduated from the Glasgow School of Podiatry in 1981.

She was a practicing podiatrist in Scotland until she moved to Houston, Texas, in 2000. There, she was a foot care specialist and surgical coordinator at Foot Specialists of Memorial, PA. In 2013, she moved to Foot Dynamics and she has been a part of the team ever since.

Matt Warren, Master Ski Boot Fitter

Master Boot Fitter Matt Warren has been wearing and working with ski boots his entire life, starting with growing up skiing in Colorado with his family. He began his career as an instructor at Bogus Basin in Boise before managing a rental shop at Mt. Bachelor in Bend, Oregon for four years. He moved on to fitting custom boots at Powder House in Bend and Boot Doctors in Taos, NM.

Matt perfected his mastery by completing numerous Master Fit University courses. Matt’s 15+ years in the industry gives him the expertise to assist Foot Dynamic’s skiers with their boot fitting needs.

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