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Is plantar fasciitis causing your heel pain?

Do you have heel pain first thing getting out of bed? This is the most common symptom of plantar fasciitis, a micro-tear or inflammation of the plantar fascia typically found at the base of the heel bone. We commonly see plantar fasciitis from extreme tightness in the achilles/calf muscles, a biomechanical issue (extreme flat feet or […]

“Well Greeted and Well Treated” at Foot Dynamics

A History of Great Foot Care in Boise, Idaho Paul Fleming of the Boise Metro Chamber speaks with Jeff Jacobs, founder and co-owner of Foot Dynamics. Jeff discusses the history of the company, available products and their orthotic services.

October Refurbish Special

October Refurbish Special $79 with free return shipping   Expiration date: October 31st Foot Dynamics recommends refurbishing your orthotics every 1-3 years depending on use and activity to retain their original therapeutic value. Regular price of refurbishing is $99 plus $7.95 shipping (if needed). FALL SPECIAL: Any pair of orthotics received before October 31st will be refurbished to […]

Flat Feet Arch Support

What Causes Flat Feet? Flat feet can be an issue for many people through their lives. It’s a painful foot condition that’s also called “fallen arches”. But how is it caused? The arch on a person’s foot is created by the ligaments and tendons between foot bones to better support a person’s weight when they […]

New Covid-19 Updates

June 23rd — Hours remain the same and a limitation of 6 customers, but face masks will now be required. We will be supplying these at the front door for any customer who does not have one and wishes to shop with us. With Ada County going back to Stage 3 of re-opening, we would […]

Treatment of Foot Related Disorders

Foot related disorders are more common than you might think. In fact, almost all people will experience some foot related problem during their lifetime. That’s why it’s good to understand what foot related disorders you can experience and how to correct them. First, a little about the foot. The foot is a functional unit made […]

Causes of Pain in Foot

“Your Life and Your Feet” by Jeffrey Jacobs, C. Ped At some time in your life, you will have a foot problem. Chances are you have already experienced the impact foot pain can have on your quality of life. While we all know it is essential to stay active, what do we do if our feet […]

Grand Re-Opening Monday May 11th

We have taken these past few weeks to renovate our store, from top to bottom, and are excited to show you our hard work! We think you will like the results! We will be resuming normal hours starting Monday, May 11 Monday – Friday, 9am – 6pmSaturday, 10am – 5pm Please be assured that we […]

Will Custom Orthotics Help with Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar Fasciitis  is heel pain which occurs as the connective tissue on the bottom of the foot pulls on its attachment to the heel when the foot flattens. Foot pain is generally very bad in the morning, improving during the day and then becoming painful again after a period of rest. Our feet are required […]

What is Metatarsalgia ?

Metatarsalgia is a general term referring to a burning pain or numbness across the ball of the foot and toes. It’s also called “hot foot”. Severe cases can feel like someone is holding a blowtorch to the ball of your foot. The condition is often a result of shoes that are too narrow. It’s also caused […]

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