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Birkenstock Repair

Foot Dynamics is Authorized Birkenstock Repair Shop

Can’t bear to part with your favorite pair of Birkenstock that fit you so perfectly?

Whether they need a little, or a lot of help, Foot Dynamics is an Authorized Birkenstock repair facility.
We can make them look and feel like new!

Birkenstock Resole


This replaces just the soles. This is recommended to be done before the sole wears through the cork to dramatically increase the lifespan of your Birkenstock.

Cost includes removal of old soles, installation of new Authentic Birkenstock soles, and free return shipping.

Birkenstock Resole with Super Grip:


Same as regular Resole except using Authentic Birkenstock Super Grip soles. These soles wear longer and are rated as Non-Slip.

Birkenstock Recraft: Grip:


A Recraft includes replacement of everything but the straps.

New Authentic Birkenstock footbeds, new soles and free return shipping.

Birkenstock Recraft: with Soft Footbed


Same as regular Recraft except using Authentic Birkenstock Soft Footbeds, new soles and free return shipping.


Foot Dynamics

Foot Dynamics