Master Ski Boot Fitter

Master Ski Boot Fitter

Can Ski Boots Really Change How You Ski?

YES! Many people suffer with foot pain while skiing and simply accept it as a burden of enjoying a sport they love. Your feet do not have to hurt! Whether you are an Olympic level ski racer or just a casual skier, an elite ski boot fitter has the tools and knowledge to address both.

Here at Foot Dynamics, Master Ski Boot Fitter Matt Warren will address your issues. His expert offerings include:

  • Stance alignment assessment
  • Boot canting
  • Custom liners from Zipfit & Intuition
  • Race boot shell modification
  • Custom footbeds made here at nationally known Foot Dynamics
  • Snowboard boot fit and modification
  • Fully custom boots from Dale Boot

Meet Master Boot Fitter Matt Warren

Matt Warren, Master Ski Boot Fitter for Foot Dynamics in Boise, Id.
Matt Warren

Matt Warren

Master Boot Fitter Matt Warren has been wearing and working with ski boots his entire life, starting with growing up skiing in Colorado with his family. He began his career as an instructor at Bogus Basin in Boise before managing a rental shop at Mt. Bachelor in Bend, Oregon for four years. He moved on to fitting custom boots at Powder House in Bend and Boot Doctors in Taos, NM.

Matt perfected his mastery by completing numerous Master Fit University courses. Matt’s 15+ years in the industry gives him the expertise to assist Foot Dynamic’s skiers with their boot fitting needs.

Foot Dynamics Ski Boots Fitting

Foot Dynamics is specialized in custom footbeds, ski boot sole grinding, stance alignment assessment and ski boot modifications.

Schedule your evaluation with Matt Warren today!

If you are not located in the Boise metro area, we offer custom ski orthotics online as well.

Matt Warren, Master Ski Boot Fitter for Foot Dynamics in Boise, Id, fitting a boot for a customer.

Foot Dynamics literally changed my life!

I was referred here by an avid skier friend. I hated skiing because my boots hurt so bad, I was always cold, and the whole experience was miserable.
Foot Dynamics literally changed my life! This isn’t an exaggeration. It is 100% truth. My ski boots are now so comfortable! I have arch support. My toes no longer cramp, my feet don’t go numb anymore. AND as an added bonus I purchased a wool shirt (Byrne) and some great thin wool socks and I haven’t been frozen to the core ever since. I am so excited.
I’ve had so much fun skiing!! A 180 from my former attitude.
WORTH EVERY PENNY!! If I could give you 10 stars I would! THANK YOU!

Cyndi Hoyt

Excellent service, knowledgeable staff, and low pressure

Great team at Foot Dynamics. Who would have thought I would have gotten an hour of focused time from Matt to fit me out for my new ski boots? Excellent service, knowledgeable staff, and low pressure. Poke your head in and get some good shoes! It’s worth it.

Dale Kerner

Matt took care of me

Matt took care of me from start to finish. Taking all my problems into account. Can hardly wait to try out my new custom footbeds in my ski boots. Thanks

David Johnson

Matt Warren is a ski boot wizard

One-of-a-kind Boise experience. Matt Warren is a ski boot wizard.

Aubrey Lyon

Always great to work with

I’ve had ski boots fits on several times with the Foot Dynamics team. They are always great to work with. Education on boots, liners and balance in addition to fitting.

Brad Acker

I have no pain at all!

My left ski boot left my inside ankle very sore. Matt adjusted my ski boot and now I have no pain at all! Thank you!

Kimbal Gowland
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