Foot Dynamics Difference

Why Choose a FOOT DYNAMICS Orthotic?

Our highly innovative and accurate manufacturing method that controls the process from impressions to finished product makes Foot Dynamics and our sister company, Advanced Casting Technology, unique.

Your Foot Impression

A bio-mechanical assessment is performed by a certified professional. Whether you come to us by doctor referral os simply know you need help, our assessment is to determine if you would benefit from custom orthotics, off-the-shelf arch supports, footwear, or footwear modifications.

The Foot Model

Not everybody is a candidate for custom orthotics. However, if you are, the proper foot model is important to make the proper orthotic, whether it is our proprietary ACT Method, foam crush box or direct mold. Age, weight, activity and foot type are all considered when determining which method to use.

Creating Your Custom Orthotic in Our Own Lab

With the information gathered from the assessment, the practitioner determines the appropriate corrective elements and materials for the design of your specific orthotic. Because our lab fabricates thousands of orhotics a year, we are not limited in our design and material choices. The benefit of our lab being on site allows for you to have the final product in as little as 48 hours.

Patient Care and Follow Up

All orthotics come with a complimentary fit appointment. The confirms proper fit and comfort in your choice of footwear. All orthotics have a 3 month fit and comfort guarantee, including any adjustment and modification necessary.

The typical lifespan of the shell of your orthotics is 7 – 10 years. Additional adjustment and reconditioning may be necessary during that time. We are here to help

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