The Foot Dynamics Difference

Why Choose a FOOT DYNAMICS Orthotic?

What makes Foot Dynamics and our sister company Advanced Casting Technology unique is our highly innovative and accurate manufacturing method that controls the process from impressions to finished product.

STEP ONE – Your Foot Impression

We start with our proprietary semi-weight bearing foot impression, which models the feet in an uncompensated, mid-stance position. Because feet are not static structure but go through a range of motions during the gait cycle, it is important to achieve a foot model that is correct for all stages of activity. We achieve this with our Advanced Casting Technology (A.C.T.) casting pillow and heat moldable impression cores, which capture the suspended foot model with a high degree of accuracy and reproducibility.

Custom orthotics

STEP TWO – Creating a Personalized Shell

The second stage of foot orthotic manufacturing is the ability to reproduce or replicate the foot model into a durable and supportive shell. In our A.C.T. lab, we have developed a unique manufacturing method that transfers the foot model to a variety of shell materials including graphite composites, thermal plastic composites, Co-polymers and other thermal moldable materials. The range of materials available to us provides an opportunity to match the application to the design for a perfect marriage of strength and functionality.

STEP THREE – Assembling Your Orthotic

Once the orthotic shell is created, we finish assembly using the highest quality top covers and accommodations available. We source our materials from all over the world and in some cases have material manufactured to our specifications. Our intimate knowledge of footwear and sport specific applications allows us to design orthotics that work with and enhance footwear performance.

Foot Dynamics Orthotics
woman walking with walking insoles and orthotics.


The most important thing about our orthotics is the personal care that is put into each pair. Our technicians are highly trained and master craftspeople. They take pride in their work and insist on high quality over production speed. Our return rate is and has always been less that .05%, which is something we are very proud of.

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