Is plantar fasciitis causing your heel pain?

The most common symptom of plantar fasciitis is a micro-tear or inflammation of the plantar fascia at the base of the heel bone. We commonly see plantar fasciitis from extreme tightness in the Achilles/calf muscles, a biomechanical issue (extreme flat feet or high arches), or as the result of an overuse injury. We’ve successfully treated plantar fasciitis with three main treatment elements: arch support, stretching, and rest. 

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Treatment is possible with arch support, stretching, and rest

Arch Support

Arch support is commonly the most important because it helps relieve the plantar fascia’s stress and can also help correct any biomechanical issues. Custom orthotics/arch support can play a key role here.

Stretching for Achilles Pain

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Stretching can be just as important, especially if the reason you have plantar fasciitis comes from the tightness of the Achilles. This happens when the Achilles and the plantar fasciitis play tug of war at the calcaneus (heel bone). When the Achilles is too tight, the plantar fasciitis gets pulled on and is weaker.

Our favorite element of stretch comes from the shoes you choose. We prefer “zero drop” footwear (no heel in the shoe), which allows the heel and ball of the foot to be on the same plane, permitting a nice natural stretch of the Achilles. Our favorite zero-drop shoes for plantar fasciitis are Altra and Birkenstock.

Rest for Foot Issues

Rest is important for any injury, and while it is often not practical, it is encouraged and will help the speed of recovery.

If you’re local to the Boise, Idaho, area, we offer a free foot assessment with one of our practitioners to get you on the correct treatment path. If you live out of state, we highly recommend scheduling our tele-consulting for free. Foot Dynamics has over 20 years of experience in treating many foot issues.

We’re always available by phone, chat, or email if you have any questions.

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