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FREE Foot Evaluation

At Foot Dynamics, our certified pedorthists offer a free foot evaluation and health assessment to determine if you are a candidate for custom orthotics, help you select appropriate footwear, resolve a foot problem, and/or counsel you about preventative care based on your unique feet. 

Boise Location

The inside of the Foot Dynamics Boise Store.

1021 Main Street, Boise, ID 83702


Meridian Location

2006 E Franklin Rd suite 100, Meridian, ID 83642


During the assessment, we will evaluate your foot structure, stance, alignment of the lower kinetic chain (foot, ankle, knee, hip), and flexibility. One of our clinical practitioners, including two certified podiatrists and one UK-certified podiatrist, will conduct the assessment. The in-person appointments take about 30 minutes. You are not obligated to make a purchase, and the information will be securely archived if you need clinical help.

Foot Dynamics also offers tele-consultations via chat, phone, or email on our website. During the Tele-consult session, you can discuss your foot issues with a clinician and receive suggestions for treating foot pain. Based on the assessment, we can also recommend footwear and other products. 

Custom orthotics made by Foot Dynamics.

Our expertise includes performance sports, including alpine and Nordic skiing, road and mountain biking, running, ice skate sports, hiking, and mountaineering. Many of our products and services are available on our website, including our lab-fabricated foot orthotic made using our proprietary home impression kit. 

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