Two people wearing Birkenstock shoes.


German Engineering For Your Feet.

Birkenstock sets the standard for comfort, quality and functionality, and it all starts with our carefully selected, high-quality materials from sustainable sources.

Diagram of Birkenstock shoes. One shoe is cut to show the layers it contains.

Features and Benefits of Birkenstocks

  1. More Toe Room: Allows toes to move naturally, which promotes better balance and correct foot alignment
  2. Raised Toe Bar: Encourages natural gripping motion of your feet
  3. Contoured Footbed: Four arches ensure even weight distribution and proper posture
  4. Deep Heel Cup: Cradles the heel and keeps natural cushioning right under the heel bone
  5. Shock Absorbing Sole: Flexible, durable and lightweight
  6. Jute Fibers: Two layers – one wicks away moisture, the other adds strength
  7. Cork Footbed: Firm, resilient cork/latex base for maximum support
  8. Footbed Liner: Soft suede keeps your feet comfortable and dry

Birkenstock Shoes Just Make you Feel Good

For over 200 years Birkenstock has been the benchmark for comfort and health in footwear. The unique patented cork footbed has anatomical foot support, oblique toe box and zero-drop (flat) sole design. Birkenstock sandals and clogs come in two widths for a good fit. 

Foot Dynamics is Birkenstock’s authorized service center to offer Birkenstock repair and service. 

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