All Things Feet

Designed To Allow Better Movement Naturally

Common sense, simplicity, and comfort, for runners seeking a more natural running experience.

Roomy Toe Box

Plenty of room for the toes to spread and splay. Traditional running shoes are designed with narrow toe boxes for style, not foot health. Topo’s roomy toe-box lets the toes spread for natural foot function and greater comfort.

Secure Heel & Midfoot Fit

All Topo shoes have a snug fit through the midfoot and heel to help provide a secure connection to the foot while allowing space for the toes to spread and splay. this prevents that sloppy or disconnected feeling often associated with wider-fitting footwear, so you can move nimbly with confidence.

Low Drop

Topo cushioned platforms are engineered with a 0 to 5mm heel-to-toe drop, encouraging natural loading and foot motion during the gait cycle.


It’s no secret that lighter running shoes help you feel more efficient and comfortable resulting in a more enjoyable experience. Our ultralight materials and seam-reducing construction techniques keep weight down and blisters at bay.

We are inspired by human biomechanics and believe that footwear should feel like a part of your body – not an appendage. To that, we respectfully bring our modern constructions, materials and designs that seamlessly optimize these amazing natural abilities. It is an approach to design we call innate amplification.

Foot Dynamics

Foot Dynamics