Foot Dynamics – A Quality Boise Shoe Store

Foot Dynamics located in Boise, Idaho is a modern-day, sit-and-fit comfort shoe store. We have over 20 quality brands for you to try. From Birkenstock to Blundstone, FootDynamics has the brands that you will enjoy.

Are you looking for outdoor shoes for your specific activities? We have popular brands available here for you to try. Like Bont shoes for cycling, DaleBoot for skiing, Chaco’s for outdoor, and Altra for running. Whatever your activity, Foot Dynamics has shoes that let you have fun in comfort and style.

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Foot Dynamics Sells Comfort Shoes

Are you looking for shoes that won’t hurt your feet?

Many people have foot pain such as plantar fasciitis or metatarsargia and looking for shoes that they can wear all day long. Foot Dynamics has a wide selection of comfort shoes that you can try.

If your foot pain continues, make an appointment with our certified pedorthic staff onsite. We offer free foot assessments to ensure you’re going to wear the right shoes for your feet. We analyze your walking mechanics, foot structure, and any pains and complaints you may have. We then create a plan to bring your foot, and the way you walk, back into alignment. Our custom orthotic lab, also located in-store, provide orthotic fabrication for your foot right here in Boise. 

That makes us very unique. Besides selling quality, fashion-forward shoes to anyone, we also ensure proper foot health. We understand who might need orthotics and why, and how orthotics are supposed to properly fit and function in footwear. 

That’s Foot Dynamics: a shoe store made for people who love quality shoes, whether you have foot problems or not.

Map to FootDynamics in Boise, Idaho.
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