Foot Dynamics

A Shoe Store in Boise

Foot Dynamics, located in Boise is a modern-day, sit-and-fit comfort shoe store. We offer a wide selection of quality brands for you to try. From Birkenstock to Blundstone, Foot Dynamics has the brands you love and the expertise to ensure they fit your feet.

Are you looking for outdoor shoes for your specific activities? We have popular brands available here for you to try, such as Bont shoes for cycling, DaleBoot for skiing, Chaco’s for outdoor, and Altra for running. Whatever your activity, Foot Dynamics has shoes that let you have fun in comfort and style. Visit today to check out our shoes.

Foot Dynamics

Pedorthic Clinic

Many people have foot pain, such as plantar fasciitis or metatarsalgia, and looking for a solution.

Please make an appointment at our certified pedorthic clinic for a free foot evaluation to address your foot pain. We offer free foot assessments to ensure you wear the right shoes for your feet. We analyze your walking mechanics, foot structure, and any pains and complaints you may have. We then form a plan to bring your foot and how you walk back into alignment. If needed, we fabricated your medical-grade orthotics at our lab, Advanced Casting Technology in Boise.

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