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Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee our orthotics for comfort, fit, and performance.

FSA and HSA Eligible

Our Orthotics and shoes are FSA and HSA eligible.

Since 1990

Physicians and consumers have trusted us for over 30 years.

Over 100,000
Orthotics Made

Manufactured and fit locally and nationwide.

Full-Service Foot Care in Boise & Meridian

Medical-Grade Orthotics AND Great Shoes!

Prescription Orthotics, Footwear Modifications and More

A Full-Service Pedorthic Clinic

Offered now in Boise and Meridian

Our FREE foot assessment at Foot Dynamics includes finding possible problems with your feet or movement issues that lead to common foot problems. We’ll even suggest you don’t buy orthotics if not needed.

Our providers supporting our client as part of our Full-Service Pedorthic Clinic.

Functionality and Fashion

A Huge Selection of Shoes

Our Boise shoe store has shoes for everyone: active and stylish, young and old. Many shoe brands we carry seamlessly accommodate our custom orthotics, providing a comprehensive solution for your foot problem.

Advanced Casting Technology

In-House Orthotics Lab

Foot Dynamics Custom Orthotics are made in our lab in Boise, Idaho. We specialize in application-specific orthotics to fit shoes and boots. We also fabricate custom orthotics to fit in all types of footwear.

Orthotics technician creating custom orthotics in-house at the Foot Dynamics orthotics lab.
Cycling with Bont cycling shoes

Sport Specific Orthotics

Sports orthotics, or sports insoles, are specially designed shoe inserts that fit into sports-specific shoes, such as Bonts cycling shoes or Dale ski boots. They enhance comfort, support, and performance during extreme physical activity or injury recovery.

For the first time in years
I am running without pain!

~Tom Nebel

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