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ON Running shoe brand.

On Shoes at Foot Dynamics

The Athlete Spirit guides everyone at On Shoes. Like On’s athletes, they are always recalibrating and reengineering to be better. On’s goal is to make high-performance products with the lowest possible carbon footprint—engineered for circularity, designed with preferred materials, and using enhanced manufacturing methods and distribution models.

On offers a variety of shoe styles for a variety of activities. Learn more below.

On shoes for running.


Discover premium footwear technology and high-tech apparel developed to help you conquer running with ease.

ON shoes for Tennis sports.


Tennis. For many it’s a passion. An obsession even. You can play for titles and glory or just good times. But in the end, we all play for love.

ON shoes for hiking.


Experience everything the natural world has to offer with technical styles to keep you going – peak after peak.

On’s Technology


Every set of On shoes utilizes air rather than foam for cushioning through their CloudTec® technology; this creates a much more propulsive shoe that remains light. On’s materials come from carbon emissions, so they can keep the world as clean as possible without compromising your overall experience.

ON shoes with CloudTec for easier walking.
Speedboard technology in ON shoes.


Along with CloudTec®, every set of On shoes uses their Speedboard® technology. This shoe insert utilizes kinetic energy to create a more efficient run with the same amount of effort. With their selection of inserts, there is a Speedboard® to fit everyone’s running style.


On top of the technology added in every pair of On shoes, On uses Cyclon™, their fully-recyclable, subscription-based shoe where you get the shoes, you use them, you send them back, they send you new ones. Made from castor beans, Cyclon™ shoes are an environmentally sustainable alternative for your footwear.

Cyclon technology for ON shoes.

On’s Story

Swiss athlete Olivier Bernhard and founder of ON shoes.

On was started by retired Swiss athlete Olivier Bernhard, who wanted to create a new running shoe. Using a garden hose, he created a prototype for a shoe that uses air rather than foam for a more cushioned and ergonomic feel. In 2010, Bernhard was joined by Caspar Copetti and David Allemann, and the company had begun.

Today, using the same technology developed by Bernhard, On is one of the highest-performing shoes on the market, with cushioned landings and powerful takeoffs.

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