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One Step At A Time

 Naot shoes and sandals offer some of the best support for your feet. At the heart of every pair is an all natural cork and latex footbed that caresses and supports the foot for all-day comfort. The footbeds are anatomically designed to absorb shock and moisture.

Diagram of Naot shoe. Various parts of the shoe are labeled with 1, 2, 3, and 4.
Diagram of Naot shoe footbed. Two parts are labeled with 5 and 6.
  1. Hallux Support: Enables natural hold of the big toe, prevents the foot form slipping forward and improves the foot’s hold on the shoe.
  2. Elevated Footbed Center: The elevated center of the insole releases pressure in the joints of the central part of the foot.
  3. Arch Support: Enables the weight of the body to be correctly distributed and reduces pressure generated by the spinal column and joints.
  4. Deep Heel Indentation: Helps the body’s balance and maintains the natural shape of the pad of the heel that protects the heel bone.
  5. Flexibility, Durability & Shock Absorption: The comfort footbed is made of a unique, high-quality blend of cork and lates, granting it flexibility, shock absorbing qualities and long-term durability.
  6. Latex Sponge Layer: A layer of padding that provides caressing and softness.

Naot Shoes are Durable

Naot is a high quality shoe line made in Israel with exceptional leathers and timeless fashion. Most Naot shoes are orthotic friendly with a removable cork and leather footbed. Among our most popular is the Karenna sandal, which features a broad base of support and secure strapping system making it suitable for all day wear and extensive walking over uneven terrain. Naot offers men’s sandals, men’s clogs, women’s sandals, women’s clogs, and women’s shoes.

Woman posing with Naot shoes on.
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