Person skiing with DaleBoots


Improved Overall Fit and Performance

DaleBoot ski boots are made to fit feet. Making quality ski boots for those who love the sport since 1969.

DaleBoot Technology

Boot Liners



Three Piece Tongue and Instep Closure System

Adjustable Footbed

Cantable & Replaceable Soles

DaleBoot Magazine Cover

Ever since the company began in 1969, DaleBoot has been singularly focused on manufacturing high performance, custom made ski boots; leading the industry in terms of innovation. The main focus being reinforcement and support for the foot and lower leg.

DaleBoot Magazine Page/Advertisement

The iconic Daleboot Alpine ski boots are truly custom. Measurements are sent to the factory and the shells are manufactured for your unique feet. The heat moldable Intuition liner and Foot Dynamics custom orthotics insure the most comfortable fit possible in ski boots.

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