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Lighter, Stronger, Faster – Performance Redefined.

A luxury-sportive shoe combining classic materials with state of the art technology. Heat malleable custom fit credentials, stunning looks and aerodynamic efficiency.


Foam Padding

Found across the entire Vaypor series range, closed cell memory foam keeps your feet drier and more comfortable across all weather conditions. Designed to repel moisture and provide a more stable connection between your feet and the shoe, closed cell memory foam is found on the base of every Vaypor series shoe, just under the inner sole. Built for years of reliable and consistent service, the closed cell memory foam inner liner is part of the reason why our shoes feel the same across their lifespan.

Resin Development

Harnessing the expertise from more than four decades of manufacturing high-end carbon fiber sports footwear, the Bont Cycling difference extends beyond simply great fitting shoes designed around the shape of a human foot. From the Riot through to our premium-level Vaypor series, every pair of Bont Cycling shoes in this range features our proprietary low-temperature heat molding technology – designed to be performed from the comfort of your home. Specifically-designed and developed in-house, our industry-leading resin gives every rider the ability to refine their fit for the ultimate in comfort and performance.

BOA® Fit System

Featured throughout the Bont Cycling line-up, the BOA® Fit System combines our renowned anatomical fit and construction methods with the BOA advantage; for a fast, effortless and precise fit. Engineered with premium-level materials and built to withstand the rigours of the professional peloton and WorldTour, the BOA Fit System is guaranteed to deliver across any terrain or season. Fit for the life of your shoes, the BOA Fit System dials and laces are guaranteed for the lifetime of your shoes and backed by The BOA Guarantee.


We do things differently at Bont Cycling and it shows. From the anatomically-correct shaping, which means we design shoes around the shape of a human foot, to the aesthetics, every detail is intentional. Our Vaypor series construction method involves building a pair of shoes from the inside out and this is how we can deliver a true monocoque construction that you can feel throughout the entire pedal stroke. Pushing down, pulling up or anything in between, the Bont Cycling difference can be seen but it’s only when felt that our performance-drive promise truly comes to life.

Carbon Fiber

Sourced exclusively from Toray of Japan, the world’s number-one carbon fiber manufacturer and constructed using more than three decades of expertise, the Vaypor series is built like none other. Featuring a true monocoque construction, the heart of the Vaypor S series is what delivers our industry-leading stiffness to weight ride quality. Utilising hand-laid unidirectional carbon fiber allows us to fine tune every model in the range to meet the specific demands of its usage. It’s why Bont Cycling is the shoe of choice by the world’s very best track athletes and why WorldTour rides attest ‘once you go Bont Cycling, you never go back’. The Riot series harnesses a carbon composite mix including fiberglass for added strength and ride quality while keeping the weight to a minimum. The Riot series remains the only mid-range heat moldable cycling shoe with our renowned anatomically-correct shaping and structurally-positioned support – for a stable and efficient ride.

Behind The Design

Every pair of cycling shoes starts with the last – what a shoe is built around – and this is the foundation of the Bont Cycling difference. We understand that every foot is unique, having performed more than 20,000 foot scans in the process of perfecting our lasts (yes, we have more than one and they are also produced in-house) and it’s this deep approach to fit that is paramount to every model in the lineup.

It’s why we offer 19 sizes with 5mm increments and up to four off-the-shelf widths because the right fit means greater efficiency and superior comfort no matter the distance. Designed and constructed by us, our sizing range also means we’re able to offer a true-fitting width shoe regardless of whether you’re best suited to narrow, standard, wide or our industry-leading Asian fit.

Cycling Shoes

Cycling shoes have long been designed by Europeans with pointed toed and narrow toe boxes. This shoe shape causes most of the problems with forefoot numbness. Bont cycling shoes have a roomy oblique toe box, come in three widths and have heat moldable composite chassis allowing the shoes to be custom fit to your feet. Bont cycling shoes are available as road biking shoes mountain biking shoes and triathlon shoes.

Since 2008, Bont Cycling has dedicated itself to producing the world’s most technically advanced and anatomically correct cycling shoes. Designed and built to withstand the rigors of professional cycling across all disciplines, Bont Cycling shoes have been ridden to major victories in road, time trial, track and triathlon disciplines. Bont Cycling’s current trophy case includes 15 Tour de France stage wins including an overall title with Bradley Wiggins, one stunning Paris-Roubaix victory, an Olympic time trial title, countless Olympic and World Championship track medals, three IRONMAN World Championships and two 70.3 IM Championships. Bont Cycling currently offers 14 models covering road, triathlon, track, time trial, MTB and gravel requirements with up to 19 sizes, four widths and full custom design.

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