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Cycling Footbeds

Why choose Foot Dynamics custom Cycling Orthotics? Improved power stroke or comfort?

Foot Dynamics cycling orthotics are TRULY designed for the cycling application. Using our pillow impression kit, they are molded to what we believe to be the best model of your foot. They have a slim nylon shell with a low volume 2mm EVA top cover. The nylon shell includes a slight met pad molded into the shell to help separate the metatarsal heads and disbursement of foot pressure. Neuroma’s and/or pain in the balls of feet are common in cycling. Our footbeds can dramatically help with this. We have also seen and heard many times people experience better power transfer as well. When the foots pressure is as evenly distributed over the plantar surface as possible, it will yield more efficient power transfer from the foot through the shoe to the pedal.

90 Day Warranty100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

How to Order:

  • Choose your shoe size
  • Receive your impression kit via USPS Priority Mail
  • Follow the instructions for taking your impressions and return the kit
  • Receive your custom orthotics within a week of us receiving your order


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