Profi Birki Custom Brikenstock


Once ordered, we will send the impression kit via Priority Mail. Simply follow the enclosed instructions, fill out the Order Information Form selecting your desired model, color and size, and return the kit via your choice of freight carrier. Standard turnaround time is 2 – 3 weeks.

If you are unsure of your size, or we determine the size should be changed, we will contact you to discuss this before fabrication. Please include as much commentary possible about any foot problems so we can design the sandals to suit your needs.

We will provide adjustments and modifications at no charge for the first 90 days. However, Custom Rx Birkenstock are not returnable. We will do everything possible to solve fit or comfort problems and repair any defects in craftsmanship.

Please follow the break-in instructions carefully as our custom Birkenstock may require a break in period as they continue to mold to your feet.

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