Taos Footwear


Comfort Built From The Inside Out

Shock absorbent cork midsoles with foam-cushioned, contoured footbeds delivering unparalled comfort for long-lasting wear. Engineered to support your feet.

Curves & Pods® premium removable footbed

Diagram of the footbed of Taos shoes. Taos footbeds have: "Metatarsal support: reduces fatigue by alleviating pressure on the ball of the foot. Arch support: created to form to the inside of your foot. Heel support: provides balance and stability. Curves: hug the contours of your feet for great support and comfort. Pods: are a field of firm, shock absorbent elements that provides great cushioning."

Taos Footwear has always been inspired by the natural beauty and creative culture of the American Southwest. And nowhere does it better than Taos, New Mexico. Just drive up from Santa Fe and you’ll see what we mean. Go and eat the carne adovada or blue-corn enchiladas at Orlando’s New Mexican Cafe on the road to the ski resort. Or get a cappuccino at World Cup café just off the main plaza. Visit some of the local artist’s studios. Walk the back streets and notice the architecture, the colors and textures, even the fences. You’ll know why we love Taos and why we celebrate it every day.

Person sitting on tree trunk that is sitting near a pond.