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Consciously Created For Sustainability

By mastering the use of merino wool, it resulted in high-performance merino wool products whose quality, durability and comfort are unmatched.

Legendary Fit and Features

Point6 employs state of the art knitting techniques combined with compact spun merino wool yarns versus conventional ring spun yarns. Compact spinning greatly reduces loose fibers for more durable merino products without excessive wear or pilling. Heel and toe areas are reinforced with nylon for maximum durability with ventilation panels across the instep to improve breath-ability.

Miraculous Merino Wool

Anti-microbial: resists odor-causing bacteria

Moisture wicking: absorbs and moves moisture

Thermoregulation: keeps you warm when cold and cool when hot

Non-itch: merino wool fibers are fine, soft and durable with next to skin comfort

Easy care: wash and dry inside out

Best wool socks ever! As the story goes, when Peter Duke was skiing in New Zealand one summer he bought a pair of ski socks made from merino wool, a very soft and comfortable yarn. He was so impressed that he brought a box of them back to Vermont and started selling them out of his car. He named this venture Smart Wool. His new company is Point6 and his new socks are much improved. Multiple weights and heights with nylon reinforced toe and heel for exceptional durability, and they are made in USA!

Foot Dynamics

Foot Dynamics