Person putting on Earth shoes outside.


Comfort-focused and Trendy

Modern wellness and fashion, going beyond just comfort and not settling for just style. Giving liveliness in each step. Look good, feel good, and do good.

Diagram of the Powerpath foodbed.

Powerpath Footbed

The Powerpath® is precisely calculated to shift your weight in a carefully plotted and natural path, rolling from the lowered heel to the outside ofyour foot, across the ball of your foot, and ending with the big toe. Originally designed by Anne, after years of study and experimentation, it’s what makes Earth® Kalsø shoes so special, so powerful, so effective.

Walking is like sports or dancing – If your form is right and you know which muscles  to use – you can do it well without a lot of extra force. And that’s what the Earth® Kalsø shoe is designed to do. To choreograph your walk, to concentrate your power and to focus your movement into a comfortable, enjoyable, easy walk.

It’s a story that goes back more than 40 years. Anne Kalsø, a Danish yoga instructor, made the insightful observation that the daily raising of the toes relative to the heels could actually help people attain a physical feeling of wellness like that achieved in the yoga position known as ‘Mountain’ pose. Inspired by the thought that wellness, in its most organic form, could be made part of an everyday experience, she set out to develop the original wellness shoe – the very first Kalsø Earth® Shoe. From those passionate beginnings now thrives an expansive collection of casual wellness footwear for women. Each and every shoe true to its roots as ‘the original wellness shoe’. Kalsø Earth® Shoes. Designed by Nature. Created by Kalsø.

Girl sitting on rock wearing Earth shoes.