Alpina. Two people hiking on a snowy mountain.


Constructed One Step At A Time

Alpina ski and outdoor boots have been engineered to be the most advanced boots on the market. With a sleek and modern design, these ski boots have heating technology that keep your feet warm in the winter snow. When you switch from the slopes to the trails, Alpina hiking boots will get you to your destination.


Diagram of parts of Alpina boots. Includes Smart Control, Battery, and Charging.

Say goodbye to cold feet. Integrated heating for all weather comfort.

Alpina boots feature the InTemp control system, a fully integrated heating system designed to keep your feet warm and comfortable, all day (and all night), no matter the weather.

Products with InTemp heating: Alpine All Mountain (Eve 75 Heat, Ruby 65, Elite 120 Heat, Elite 100 Heat, Elite 80 Heat), Nordic Back-country (Alaska Heat), Heavy Duty (Hunter Heat, Trapper Heat, Trapper W Heat), and Outdoor Junior (Cool Jr).

Since InTemp heating, Alpina has created the XC Carbon (cross country skiing) and Breeze (hiking).

“ALPINA boots are simply the best designed boots I have ever skied in.”

– Kris Freeman, U.S. Ski Team

ALPINA boots are constructed one step at a time, one detail after another, with innovation following innovation. All shoes come with special attention to the best possible materials. The long list of features is carefully designed to faithfully support your personal quest for better performance and greater joy. Not forgetting comfort, all cross-country ski boots have integrated Thinsulate© insulation that guarantees the best conditions for the feet, making them twice as warm as in any other lining.

Foot Dynamics sells ALPINA ski boots with or without orthotics, but orthotics will ensure your ski boots matches your foot and will give you the best possible outcome.

Person hoping across rocks in a pond with Alpina hiking boots on.

Not Just Ski Boots

Not only does Alpina make outstanding ski boots, they also make various outdoor boots. Alpina offers boots for backpacking, hiking, urban outdoor shoes, and more. These boots and shoes support your feet, allowing for all-day usage and comfort. In addition to the support given, most of Alpina’s outdoor shoes have a water resistant lining that doubles as a breathable material for your feet.

Person skiing professionally and wearing alpina ski shoes.