Custom Orthotics for Cyclists

Custom Orthotics for Cyclists

Do you need insole or orhtotics for cycling shoes?

Are your feet killing you while cycling? Numb toes or burning feet are not fun! It is easy to underestimate the amount of stress put on your feet while pedaling. In addition to having properly fitting equipment and good body alignment, having the appropriate support for your feet can make a world of difference in the satisfaction you get from your ride.

Most cycling shoes are not made with a lot of arch support. The inside of most are lined with simple foam-like inserts which do not provide much support the arch or address other issues such as forefoot pain, also common among cyclists. If the foot is resting on the bottom of the shoe without support, not only will it most likely be uncomfortable, but the lack of support can lead to unnecessary motion of the feet, ankles, and knees resulting in an inefficient pedal stroke and overstressed muscles.

A common muscular cycling-related foot injury is plantar fasciitis, an inflammation of the muscle on the underside of the foot usually occurring around the arch of your foot. The likelihood of this injury is increased when your footwear does not adequately support the underside of your foot. Also, after time and many miles on your bike, your feet start to lose their natural padding – which can make pedaling very painful.

The use of custom orthotics/footbeds for your cycling shoes will provide the support your feet need as well as assist in positioning the feet in the most neutral and efficient position so that energy and power will not be wasted during pedal stroke, and the likelihood of overuse injuries down the road will be minimized.

Foot Dynamics can help. Foot Dynamics is a Comfort Shoe Store with a modern, highly innovative orthotics lab located in Boise, Idaho. It provides orthotic fabrication services for medical professionals and consumers worldwide.


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