Can You Put Orthotics in Water Shoes?

Water shoes are no longer just for water. People also walk a lot in water shoes on dry land. So custom orthotics originally designed for water now have to work equally well in both.

But, don’t be fooled that you can also use your regular orthotics in your water shoes. Most orthotics are not waterproof and not designed to be used in water. If you use your regular orthotics in water, expect them to get deformed and lose the support you need daily. You must use special orthotics designed just for water shoes. 

Foot Dynamic’s water orthotics have a nylon shell with rear foot stabilization and a full-length HDC waterproof top cover. They are designed to be wet and durable, withstanding constant immersion in water.

Do I Need Orthotics for Water Shoes?

Water shoes on dry land
Water doesn’t make arch problems go away.

If you have a foot that needs orthotics on dry land, you should consider getting a pair of custom orthotics for your water shoes. Why? Because your foot disorders don’t disappear when doing water sports.

Windsurfing, kayaking, rowing, fishing and rafting all put pressure on your foot just like walking or cycling; those sports just put pressure on your foot in different ways. Thus, you’ll still need the same support that you need on dry land — except for an environment that’s wet.

The other issue is that today’s water enthusiasts are also not just in water. They often transition between wet and dry environments. Boaters, for instance, are often in and out of the water, putting equal pressure on their foot when on a boat deck as they are jumping into the water to get their boat back on the trailer. Foot problems don’t disappear just because your foot is wet.

Foot Dynamic’s custom water orthotics can provide comfort and biomechanical control while also being durable enough to be constantly exposed to water. 

Should I Have Water Shoes with Arch Support?

Custom-made water orthotics can address many foot disorders while you enjoy water sports. Common foot disorders like metatarsalgia, plantar fasciitis, neuromas, arch pain and heel pain can be addressed with water orthotics for water sports. 

You can insert Foot Dynamic’s water orthotics in neoprene booties, fishing waders, water shoes, and even old sneakers. Our unique water orthotic is made with superior materials and designed to provide years of hard use. All Foot Dynamics orthotics are also reconditionable, so you can update them for less instead of always buying new.

Boat Shoes on a Raft
Like on land, your feet still need support in the water.

Free Foot Evaluation at Foot Dynamics

It doesn’t cost a dime to see if you need water orthotics for this summer’s outdoor activities. Contact Foot Dynamics today, either online or in our store, for a free foot evaluation. We have professional pedorthists on staff who can prescribe the right solution so foot pain doesn’t won’t interrupt summer fun.

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