Jeff Jacobs

Foot Dynamics is owned and operated by Jeffrey T. Jacobs, C.Ped. (Board Certified Pedorthist). Mr. Jacobs’ background includes five years as general manager of Peterson Laboratories and Ascent Technologies, Northwestern University Medical School for Pedorthics, completion of the Locomotor Biomechanics and Applied Orthotics Therapy program of the American Physical Rehabilitation Network, participation in clinical conferences of the Foundation for Podiatric Medicine and American Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Society. Mr. Jacobs has an extensive history in skiing as well as being an avid road & mountain cyclist, trail runner, hiker and paddler.

How an Epidemic of Equinus Created a Successful Retail Pedorthic Business

Heel elevation in footwear may be the most fundamental and significant cause of foot pathologies in our society. There are no scientific studies that I know of that prove what I have learned over the past 5 years. However, the anecdotal evidence is over whelming.

To give you a bit of a background story, I’ll begin by saying, I’ve practiced Pedorthics since 1990.
I partnered up with a fellow that owned a Birkenstock specialty store in the downtown area. I was already in the business of making custom Birkenstocks for the Podiatric market so the relationship was a natural one.
We began by marketing ourselves to local doctors, PTs, Chiropractors and Podiatrists. Boise is an active community and since many of the medical professionals are runners, cyclists, skiers and hikers themselves, my skills and background in this area quickly gave me a reputation among referring physicians, many becoming my clients.

Spring Skiing: Aching Arches Shadowing Your Fun in the Sun?

Foot pain or knee pain hold you back from skiing? Hitting the slopes on a sunny spring day is a favorite for many skiers—who enjoy warmer temperatures and a little sunshine while zipping down slopes. Foot pain, however, can quickly put a damper on your spring skiing fun. Ill-fitting boots are most often the cause …

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Do flat shoes help treat plantar fasciitis?

Among the most effective treatments for heel pain is stretching, especially the posterior c compartment which includes the Achilles tendon, hamstrings, soleus and gastrocnemius muscles. Unfortunately even five minutes of stretching several times a day isn’t likely to have much impact over the course of a full day of walking with your heels elevated 12 mm or more. …

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