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Your Custom Orthotics

Your Custom Orthotics

The Foot Dynamics Difference

When you work closely on something all of the time, you can forget that not everybody understands what comes as second nature to you. In this case, I’m talking about why you should order your orthotics by mail from Foot Dynamics.

The answer is simple: What makes Foot Dynamics different from other orthotic manufacturers is its unique A.C.T. weight-bearing impression system that creates an extremely accurate and reproducible model of the foot. The more accurate the mold, the better the quality of your custom orthotic.

Sure, you can buy orthotics off the shelf at the pharmacy. However, the only way to get orthotics designed to properly fit your feet for the type of activities you do, is to get accurate molds made of them.

”But I’m in Chicago and Foot Dynamics is in Boise…,” you say.

No matter. With our mail order impression kit, you have the ability to create your own molds that are then returned to us for fabrication of your orthotics. Turnaround time is usually 7-14 days, total.

That’s right. In less than two weeks, you can have custom orthotics made from the most precise molds of your feet!

Each pair of foot orthotics from Foot Dynamics is custom made and guaranteed for comfort, fit and performance for 90 days.

How The A.C.T.™ Casting Method Works

The A.C.T.™ Casting Pillow is designed to create a highly accurate and reproducible model of the foot. The unique pillow shape and density produces a foot model that requires little, if any, modification in the lab.

The pillow contours and slow-recovery foam allow the rear-foot and mid-foot to be suspended, effectively enveloping the foot without the potential for ground reactive forces to cause distortion. The memory foam material gently compresses the soft tissue at the heel and mid-foot while the forefoot is allowed to splay naturally, as it does under normal load. With the subtalar joint in neutral the thinner memory foam layer under the ball of the foot and toe area will generally capture the forefoot plane as neutral.

Ordering is Simple!

Place your order online or by phone at 888-477-0282 and we will send the impression kit via Priority Mail.  When you receive the kit, simply follow the enclosed instructions, fill out the Order Information Form selecting the orthotic model(s) you want and return the kit with the enclosed shipping label. We will fabricate your orthotics and ship them to you within 3 days.

Each pair of foot orthotics is custom made to your provided foot model and guaranteed for comfort, fit and performance for one full year.

Need to discuss your foot orthotics needs? Have questions about which model is best for you?  Contact us, or call 888-477-0282 Mon. thru Fri. 8:30AM to 5:00PM MST. We’re here to help you!

Foot Dynamics

Foot Dynamics